Tactical Arm Splash Tourniquet Asphalt

Tactical Splash Tourniquet phone case to the hand with a very strong Velcro.

If you run and use sports trackers on your phone, or just want to play music, this is an ideal choice.
The case is made of breathable material and is fastened with an elastic strap around the hand using a very strong Velcro and special thinner spot for the fingerprint scanner.
Thanks to a wide range of diameter it is really suitable for all hands.
The circumference of the strap around the hand can be adjusted in the range of 230 - 400 mm, but thanks to its flexibility, the maximum circumference is significantly higher.

The phone is inserted into a pocket with a transparent front side, through which the phone can be conveniently operated and a fingerprint reader works also.
Of course, there are outputs for the headphone cable in all corners and also an input for charging.

The case is complemented by a colored line around the perimeter, including the Tactical logo.
This print is made of highly reflective material and increases your visibility even in low light conditions.

The case also has a small pocket for a home key, a pocket for a credit card and velcro for attaching the headphone cable when you are not using it.

Tactical Premium care
Lifetime Warranty - We at Tactical stand behind the quality of our products. Therefore, we are full of confidence and our products have been applied to our Lifetime Warranty programme.
We also think and care about the environment. On that account, all products are wrapped up in a packaging made of recycled paper.

- practical and comfortable hand case
- for hand circumference 230 - 400mm
- flexible and breathable material
- phone pocket with transparent front
- the phone can be fully controlled even in the case
- for phones up to 6.5 "(eg iPhone 12 Pro Max)
- supports fingerprint reader function
- headphone output
- charging output
- reflective printing
- key pocket
- Payment card pocket
- Velcro loop for headphone cable