Tactical Fast Rope Kevlar Cable USB-C/USB-C 100W 20V/5A 1m Grey

Tactical Fast Rope data and charging cable with ballistic nylon braid and cable reinforcement with Kevlar fibers.
Absolute TOP between the cables. Thanks to the premium materials used, this cable is extremely durable.
The ballistic nylon braid, Kevlar fibers inside the cable and the cable end made of aluminum alloy predetermine the cable even in the most demanding conditions, but also on a desk in an office or home.
It is suitable for charging phones, tablets, powerbanks, cameras, etc.
Huge charging power of 100W, which is now becoming standard, for really fast charging.
It speeds up to 10Gbps to charging power, for example for watching 4K movies.
As is customary with the Tactical brand, the packaging is made from ecological recycled paper.

Tactical Premium care
Lifetime Warranty - We at Tactical stand behind the quality of our products. Therefore, we are full of confidence and our products have been applied to our Lifetime Warranty programme.
We also think and care about the environment. On that account, all products are wrapped up in a packaging made of recycled paper.

- material: aluminum ends + nylon braid + Kevlar fibers inside
- support for charging up to 100W (20V / 5A)
- baud rate 10Gbps
- USB-C to USB-C connectors
- length 1m
- premium materials
- Lifetime Warranty
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