Tactical MagForce Aramid Cover for Apple iPhone 13 Pro Black

Tactical MagForce Aramid
Built for the battlefield of everyday life. Made from a premium, extremely strong and durable aramid fiber.
This ain't just your ordinary phone armor. It's Tactical MagForce Aramid!

No bulk
At a mere 0.8mm thin, this bad boy slips into the fray without adding extra bulk.
It's the covert operative of phone protection and sniggle fitting, ready for everyda’s action.
But don't let its slim profile fool you – this cover means business.

Inspiration is the military
Fashioned from the same aramid fiber that fortifies the frontlines gear, This phone cover is a true warrior's shield for your phone.
Aramid fibers, used in military gear for their incredible strength and resistance, now safeguard your device against the hazards of the modern world.
Whether it's shrapnel-like scratches or shockwaves from drops, this cover takes the hit so your phone can keep fighting.

Tactical MagForce Aramid comes with a MagSafe function.
Ready for wireless charging or other magnetic functions of the MagSafe.

The Grip
The design is precision-engineered and battle-inspired.
It's got the tactical edge, from the textured grip that ensures your phone stays in hand even when things get intense, to the matte finish that avoids any unwanted reflections.
When it comes to protection, the cover doesn't just play defense – it's an integral part of your strategic style!
Equip your phone with the best, because in the digital jungle, only the strong survive.

Too Durable To Resist
At Tactical, we pay attention to details and care about quality.
Tactical MagForce Aramid offers only the best in its category.
Durable materials and latest technologies were used during the production process for the best possible protection.
Your phone will remain safe even in the most extreme conditions.

We at Tactical love nature.
All our products are packed in ECO boxes made of recycled paper so as to have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Be tactical!

Key features
- premium Aramid fibers
- extremely strong
- durable color stable
- only 1,8mm thin
- MagSafe compatbile
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