Tactical Fat Man Cable USB-C/USB-C 1m Yellow

The ultimate cable powerhouse. Master in unraveling every problem. Tactical Fat Man will take you from one electric adventure to another and won't leave you hanging. Dominate the digital battlefield, be tactical!

6mm of Velvet touch in 1m
Engineered with a hulking 6mm of fortified silicone, this cable is built to withstand explosive
situations. Its velvet touch finish ensures a steady grip even when the going gets tough. Tangles? Not a chance. The Fat Man Cable laughs in the face of chaos, defying entanglement with its top-tier anti-tangle tech.

Ready for action
The Fat Man Cable is digital battle-tested and field-proven, ready to tackle your daily
escapades with unwavering resilience. From covert operations in urban landscapes to all-out
assaults on the frontlines of productivity, this cable's got your back. It's not just a cable – it's a
force to be reckoned with.

Battle-hue colors
In a range of battle-hued options, pick your poison: the bold red, the cautionary yellow, or the
covert dark grey. Your gear isn't just an extension of yourself; it's a statement, and these colors scream power.

The loop
Armed with a silicon loop, the Fat Man Cable becomes your ultimate combat accessory. Secure easy, be tactical.

When the mission is critical, don't rely on flimsy gear. This baby is not just for show. At Tactical, we pay attention to details and care about quality. Tactical Fat Man offers only the best in its category. Durable materials and latest technologies were used during the production process for the best possible protection. A cable you can depend on even in the most extreme conditions.

We at Tactical love nature. All our products are packed in ECO boxes made of recycled paper so as to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Think tactical!

Top features
Silicone velvet touch
Rugged reliability
No tangles
Silicone closing loop

Length: 1m
Thickness: 6mm
Connector: USB-C/USB-C
Power: 60W, 3A/20V
Color: Yellow
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