Tactical Nett Warrior GaN 100W Yellow

Charge your laptop, tablet or phone. Get Tactical Nett Warrior GaN 100W and no other charger will be ever needed.

Gallium Nitride, GaN technology
This technology provides high performance while leaving the charger's size at minimum.
Compared to other chargers, Tactical Nett Warrior GaN charger has the advantage in higher efficiency, small dimensions and long life time.

100W in total, guarantee compatible charging with yor MacBook Air, iPad or other laptops and tablets requiring such charging power.
The power of 100W is not shared. This means that you can use the full capacity of 100W within one USB-C port.
The charger features 3 ports in total. 2xUSB-C and 1xUSB-A.

Fast charge ready
Tactical Nett Warrior GaN is a master in versatility. It supports the whole range of fast charging standards.
From PPS, through PD3.0, QC3.0, Samsung, AFC, Huawei, BC1.2 to Apple.

Original Tactical Swagger
Carefully selected color and style distinguish it from others while complementing your unique style.
Ger your extraordinary yellow now.

Subjected to the harshest of drills. This baby is not just for show.
At Tactical, we pay attention to details and care about quality. Tactical Nett Warrior offers only the best in its category.
Durable materials and latest technologies were used during the production process for the best possible output.

We at Tactical love nature. All our products are packed in ECO boxes made of recycled paper so as to haveas little impact on the environment as possible. Be tactical!

Key features
100W total output
Fast charge compatibility
Original design/display/ GaN technology

Model: XY-2162-PD
Maximum output: 100W
Input: 100-240V AC 50-60Hz 2.5A
USB-C/C2: 5V=3A, 9V=3A, 12V=3A, 15V=3A, 20V=5A, PPS: 3.3V-20V=5A
USB-A: 5V=3A, 9V=2A, 12V=3A, 20V=3A
USB-C+USB-C2: 67W+30W … USB-C+USB-A: 67W+30W … USB-C+USB-C2+USB-A: 45W+30W+18W
Color: Yellow
What you get: Travel charger Tactical Microgrid GaN 45W, user manual, Tactical sticker
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