Tactical TPU Cover for T-Mobile T Phone Pro 5G/Pro 2023 5G Black

Tactical TPU is a thin TPU cover for the back of the phone. It is made of perfectly flexible silicone material and comes in an eco-friendly packaging made of recycled paper.
The cover covers the entire back, sides and corners of the phone and thus protects it in the event of a fall, but also during everyday use.
The main plus of this cover is that it fits exactly on the given type of phone and at the same time all controls and connectors remain fully accessible.
The case is also fully compatible with wireless chargers. In addition, the slightly raised edges protect the phone's display if you place the phone with the display facing down.
In addition, as is customary with the Tactical brand, the packaging is completely made of recycled paper.

Here at Tactical, we make sure things last and we stand behind the quality of our products! That is why we are able to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on this product as part of Tactical's above-standard care.

We at Tactical love nature. All our products are packed in ECO boxes made from recycled materials
paper in such a way as to have as little burden on the environment as possible. Think tactical!

- thin cover
- made of TPU material
- durable and strong enough material to protect the phone in the event of a fall
- fits perfectly on the phone
- eyelet for fastening the loop
- raised edges of the frame around the camera lenses
- all controls and phone connectors are conveniently accessible
- the best protection for the phone in the event of a fall, but also during normal wear
- also suitable for use with wireless charging
- ecological packaging made of recycled paper
- slightly raised edges around the display prevent it from being scratched when the display is placed face down
- packaging made entirely of recycled paper
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