Tactical Glass Shield 2.5D for Samsung Galaxy A35 5G Clear

Premium Tactical Glass Shield 2.5D for the best screen protection. The glass protects the flat part of the display and sticks to its entire surface. Adhesion to the phone display is perfect and bubble-free.
The thickness of the glass is 0.33 mm, so it is practically indistinguishable on the display, but thanks to the 9H hardness, it is strong and durable enough to protect the phone's display in the event of an accidental fall or minor scratches.
Glass hardness 9H indicates the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. It ranges from 1 to 10, where 10 indicates the hardness of the diamond.
The scale is represented only by numbers without the "H" suffix. The suffix H stands for graphite hardness. So the H means that the protective glass is harder than this type of graphite.
The surface has an oleophobic coating which prevents fingerprint and oil stains as well as water and is very easy to clean.
After installing the glass, the touch properties of the display do not deteriorate and the colors of the display are not distorted.
The package includes an alcohol wipe for cleaning and degreasing the display, a microfiber cloth for perfect polishing before installation and also with already glued glass.

Here at Tactical, we make sure things last and we stand behind the quality of our products! That is why we are able to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on this product as part of Tactical's above-standard care.

We at Tactical love nature. All our products are packed in ECO boxes made from recycled materials
paper in such a way as to have as little burden on the environment as possible. Think tactically!

- the glass is straight and covers only the straight part of the display. It ends at the point where the display starts to bend
- the glass sticks over the entire surface
- made to measure for a specific phone model
- high scratch resistance
- glass thickness only 0.33mm
- glass hardness is 9H
- oleophobic treatment to prevent leaving fingerprints and for easy cleaning
- perfect optical properties - does not distort the image
- does not affect the touch sensitivity of the display
- everything needed for installation in the package
- ecological packaging from recycled paper
- Lifetime Warranty

Package contents:
- Tactical tempered glass
- alcohol wipe for perfect cleaning of the display
- microfiber cloth
- stickers for convenient glass installation

Glass installation instructions:
Clean the display as carefully as possible with the enclosed cloth soaked in alcohol. After drying, polish the surface of the display with the included microfiber cloth.
Before placing the glass on the display, make sure that no dirt remains on the display. Dirt could prevent perfect adhesion of the glass.
Pay attention to places around the headphones, which often keep dust and dirt which would invalidate the glass.
Carefully place the glass over the display so that the cutouts for the camera, handset, or proximity sensor exactly overlap and the glass is perfectly centered in height and width.
Then press the glass on the display and expel air from the center to the edges.
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