Tactical TPU Plyo Cover for Motorola G34 Transparent

Tactical TPU PLYO is thin transparent back cover with extra rough bumpers on the corners. Its made from a perfectly transparent and flexible material and its packed in a package made from a recycled paper.
Cover whole back side of the phone, sides and corners and protect it while it falling and also during daily using.
Main advatages of this cover is perfectly fit on the phone type and also all buttons and connectors are fully accesible and also very well protect the weaknes point of the phones, its corners.
Case is also full compatible with wireless charging. Raised bezels protect the display when is putted display down.
When you are focused on a phone design and its color, this Tactical TPU PLYO case is the right choice.
As usual at Tactical brand, whole package is made from a recycled paper.

Tactical Premium care
Lifetime Warranty - We at Tactical stand behind the quality of our products. Therefore, we are full of confidence and our products have been applied to our Lifetime Warranty programme.
We also think and care about the environment. On that account, all products are wrapped up in a packaging made of recycled paper.

- made from a crystal clear TPU material
- very durable and strong corners
- perfectly fit on the phone type
- eyelet for fastening the loop
- raised edges of the frame around the camera lenses
- all buttons and connectors are fully accesible
- the best protect against the fall
- wireless charging compatible
- its delivered in ecological recycled paper package
- raised bezels protect display when its putted display down
- whole package is made from a recycled paper
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